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Bhutan Buddhist Winter Retreat!

During the winter, with perpetual clear blue skies, in the peaceful atmosphere of Bhutan, with its blossoming Buddhist culture surrounded by snow capped peaks, the Hotel Zhiwa Ling introduces week long Buddhist retreats. With the growing quest for spiritual fulfillment and interest in Buddhism as the seeming answer to this search, the retreat program has been created to impart Buddhist lifestyle and knowledge in the luxurious surroundings of the Zhiwa Ling Hotel.

Zhiwaling Buddhist ResortThe hotel will host a number of world renowned and revered spiritual teachers; Rinpoches and Lamas; to disclose Buddhist teachings at basic, intermediary and advanced levels. The course content has been designed to match the needs of all those seeking conscious evolution and communicate the essence of Buddhism. It has been developed by revered Rinpoches living around the Paro valley, who have kindly accepted to teach people from all faiths, to make up for spiritual lacking felt by the modern world.

The one week program will be offered from the month of December till mid March. Every week, the program will feature different aspects of Buddhism with talks and events on special topics everyday. The week will also feature special Buddhist ceremonies from rituals to Longevity blessing. Spacious meditation rooms face one of the most sacred places of Bhutan – the ‘Takstang’ also known as Tiger’s Nest.

The hotel with its Swedish under floor heating system will complement to the legendary warmth of the Bhutanese staff! The temple in the hotel, with its 400 year old pillars brought from a 16th century temple will emit the energy of those thousand of souls that have passed through it in many centuries. This can be felt during meditation or attending a resonating Buddhist chant. In this setting, the union with other practitioners under the auspices of Rinpoches, will enrich not only the mind but more importantly, the soul.

It is most assured that the participants in these courses will not only enrich their lives but will have tremendous take home value that will be positively reflected in their lives.

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