18th Jan, 2007

Central Bhutan Bicycle Tour: 13 Days

Day 1 Arrive Paro International Airport

If flying in from Delhi-Kathmandu, one will experience from the left hand side of the plane breath taking views of Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan peaks including Bhutan’s sacred Mount Jhomolhari and Jitchu Drake. On arrival at the Airport, representatives of Bhutan Majestic Travel will receive and escort to Hotel. Lunch at the Hotel. Discuss the Tour Programme with the Tour Guide and rest leave for acclimatization. Overnight: Hotel in Paro

Day 2 Paro -  Paro

The entire Paro valley is relatively flat and is a great start to your first day of bicycling. Bicycle to Drukgyal Dzong (a ruined fortress 16 Kms away from Paro town). Although in ruins, this Dzong is of great historical importance. It was here that the Bhutanese finally defeated the invading Tibetans and drove them back. One a clear day one can see Mount Jumolhari, Abode of the Goddess Jumo, rising 7,314 meters. Lunch at the hotel. Afternoon: Visit Ta Dzong, the National Museum of Bhutan. This was the watch tower of the Paro Rinchen Pong Dzong. It was converted to the National Museum in 1968, and is located on a hill above the Paro Dzong overlooking the Paro valley. Visit the Paro Rinpung Dzong. This massive fortress is located in Paro valley and is approached by a gently sloping flagstone road and a beautiful covered wooden bridge. Today the Dzong is the administrative seat of the district of Paro, and it also contains a state monastic community of approximately 200 monks. The central tower (Utse) of the Dzong, with its superb wood work, is one of the most beautiful in Bhutan. This Dzong was built in 1646 AD. Overnight: Hotel in Paro

Day 3 Paro – Thimphu

After breakfast, either drive or ride bicycles to Thimphu, the capital city. The drive meanders along the Paro and Thimphu River and takes approximately 2 hours (65 kilometers) by car and by Bike it depends on ones’ riding speed. The gradient of the road is excellent for bicycling as there are no steep climbs or descents. Check into Hotel Lunch at the hotel. Afternoon, visit the Memorial Chorten (huge stupa) built in the memory of the third King of Bhutan, King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, who reigned from 1952-1972. Visit the National Library where ancient manuscripts are preserved. Overnight: Hotel in Thimphu

Day 4 Thimphu – Thimphu

Morning: Bicycle to the Simtokha Dzong, the oldest Dzong in the country (built in 1629 AD). Opportunity to visit with some of the monks and observe life within the monastery. In the old days, the oldest son of every family was offered to a monastery where the child grew up as a monk. Even now, it is not uncommon for some families to continue the practice. Visit the Handicrafts Emporium where Bhutanese textiles and other handicrafts are displayed and can be purchased. Lunch at the hotel. Afternoon, visit Tashichho Dzong, the main secretariat building. This massive structure houses part of the Ministries, the offices of the King and the Throne Room. It also houses the State Monastic Body and the living quarters of the Chief Abbot. Visit the Painting School where traditional art is still practiced through the instructions in the art of painting Thankas (sacred Buddhist scrolls).
Bicycle to Pangri Zampa Monastery which is just beyond Dechencholing (5 Kms from Thimphu). This monastery was the residence of the founder of Bhutan, Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel when he arrived in Bhutan in 1616 AD. Overnight: Hotel in Thimphu

Day 5 Thimphu -  Punakha/Wangdue

After an early breakfast, set out for Punakha and Wangdi. On the way, stop at Dochula Pass 3150mts. (10,00 ft) for a hot cup of tea/coffee and to enjoy a spectacular view of the eastern Himalayan mountain ranges (on a clear day). From Dochula, bicycle down into Wangdi which is located 51 Kms down. It is an exhilarating ride. After lunch, visit the Punakha Dzong which houses the district administration offices. It is also the winter residence of the State Monastic Body and its Chief Abbot, the Je Khenpo. Punakha was the former capital of Bhutan. The Dzong lies between two rivers, the Pho Chu (Male River) and the Mo Chu (Female River). This Dzong was built in 1637 AD. Visit Wangdiphodrang Dzong which is 13 Kms from Punakha. This Dzong and the town is perched on a hill, between two rivers and has a spectacular view. The Dzong was built in 1638 AD; a year after the Punakha Dzong was built. A tour vehicle will follow the bicycle group at all times in case of emergency or general weariness. Overnight: Hotel in Wangdue or Punakha

Day 6 Punakha/Wangdue -  Trongsa

Drive to Trongsa, and on the way guests can bicycle certain stretches of the road. The terrain has steep ascents and descents and has some spectacular scenery. Overnight: Hotel in Trongsa.

Day 7 Trongsa -  Bumthang

After breakfast visit the ancient Watch Tower in Trongsa. This structure sits atop a hillock overlooking the Trongsa Dzong and town. Ancient armors are displayed in the Watch Tower. Visit the Trongsa Dzong, the ancestral home of the present Royal family of Bhutan. It was built in 1648 AD and is one of the most beautiful Dzongs in Bhutan. It is presently the administrative seat of the Trongsa district and the home of the monastic school. Built split levels on a narrow spur, this Dzong is an architectural marvel. The view from the Dzong is spectacular and one can see for many miles. In the old days, it was the vigilance point for both the eastern and western trade routes, thus a strategically important Dzong. After a light refreshment at the hotel, drive to Bumthang. After crossing a high pass, guests can bicycle all the way to Bumthang. The road is broad and all downhill after the pass. Overnight: Hotel in Bumthang.

Day 8 Bumthang -  Bumthang

After breakfast, bicycle around the most beautiful valley in Bhutan. It is possible to bicycle a radius of 60 Kms around the valley. Overnight: Hotel in Bumthang

Day 9 Bumthang – Ura – Bumthang

After breakfast bicycle to Ura valley some 69 Kms from Bumthang. Ura is another beautiful valley over 9,500 ft high. Sightsee in Ura valley and drive back to Bumthang. Overnight: Hotel in Bumthang

Day 10 Bumthang to Wangdue

(197 Kms). On the way as and when possible, guests can bicycle certain stretches of the road. Overnight: Hotel in Wangdue

Day 11 Wangdue – Thimphu

Drive to Thimphu. After crossing Dochula Pass guests can bicycle all the way to Thimphu (26 Kms downhill). Sight seeing in Thimphu and if the day falls on the weekend visit the famous week end market in Thimphu where the local populace gathers for weekly shopping for produce. Overnight: Hotel in Thimphu

Day 12 Thimphu -  Paro

Guests can either drive to Paro or bicycle. Check into hotel and have lunch. After lunch hike to the view point of the famous Taktsang Monastery. The hike takes about 4 hours round trip. Evening: Stroll around Paro town and overnight hotel in Paro

Day 13
Drive to airport for departure, where your Guide and Driver would bid you farewell.


1. minimum tourist per group
2. price per person
3. best time to go

Do you have this tour in October? If so, what is the cost, and what is included?


What is the cost for this tour? And do you have anyone else planning to do it in late Oct or early Nov of this year (2007)?

What would be price and dates for a tour in September or October of 2008. This would be for two or three people.

Thank you, Ray

we would like more detailed info. when are the tours and how much do they cost? Is airfare included?

Interested in participating in this tour from november this year onwards. i would be travelling alone and curious if i could do this tour as part of a larger group or even possibly on my own. also, are there set dates of departure for this tour?

thank you

I am interested in this tour for 23 September 2008 for 2 people. Can you give me an idea of cost, type of accommodation, quality of bicycle. Will the tour be part of a larger group?

hi i am ali from kuwait if i want tour to bhutan . paro . thimpu. punakha. for 8 dayes . privet tour one person . first class hotel . hotel uma paro in paro . hotel jhumolhari in thimpu . hotel meripuntsho resort in punakha . with car and driver and good english guide and first class air tiket kathamandu paro , paro kathamandu from 11 august to 18 august how much the cost in US DOLLAR. THANK YOU VERY MUCH , ALI FROM KUWAIT .

We are planning to visit in May 2009. You are requested to please quote the prices of this package for 4 adult and 1 infant.

We are Indians.


Whats the minimum tourist per group and price per person? What kind of bikes do you have/quality of the bikes? Can I fly in from Bangkok?


What is the estimated cost for october? Are there a range of optional tours? Is there a tecking tour – if so what is the cost?

Could you please tell me the cost for 2 adults. And could you quote the price in Indian rupees? Thanks

What is the cost in US $ and time of year for the trip

Is this trip available in late January-early February? What is the cost? I am a solo traveller and happy to fill out another tour or go it alone.

I visited your site, pretty impressive site it is.
Well we are bunch of 5 people, offcourse including me. We are planning to take your biking tour. We are lot more confused though, as we are deciding between 10 day and 15 day tour. Total we have a 25 day of break and we plan to visit India and Bhutan. In Bhutan we want to do sight seeing as well, but biking excites us as we are never tired in biking around.
Anyways to cut the matter short, mail me detailed itinerary of 5,10 & 15 days, I will study, and thereafter may ask you to combine it with culture tour. Also dont forget to mention the prices of all the trips you will mail me, as we dont want to keep writing to know various important aspects of the trip.


tell me please:
-minimum person per tour
-if febrery is good
-cost of the tours_bike

Interested in participating in this tour from December this 2011 onwards. i would be travelling alone and curious if i could do this tour as part of a larger group or even possibly on my own. also, are there set dates of departure for this tour?

thank you

What is approximate per person cost for mid October trip?

Dear Sr

I wuold like to do your tour this april, what would be the price and conditions

Looking forward to hear from you

Best regards

Carlos Miranda

Dear Sr

I wuold like to do your tour this april, what would be the price and conditions

Looking forward to hear from you

Best regards

Carlos Miranda

hey i would like to go for a bycycle trip for 15 days in bhutan and i will be alone

so will i be ,ade to join with some other at the start of the tour and i need all the details completly including pricing with bycycle hiring price

i would like to go on a cycle trek as soon as after 15 aug 2012
please let me know the costs

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