31st Oct, 2007

PDP party members met with the public

PDP party members met with the public to review the current system of public service delivery in the country on Monday. According to a press release from the party, the workshop was conducted to identify strategies to improve service delivery.

A PDP member said the People’s Democratic Party will strive to improve service delivery. He said they hope to reduce the time taken in availing public service by half.

Participants pointed out several problems related to public service. They said access to information is inadequate, government procedures are cumbersome, obtaining government clearance and permits is time consuming, and availing services like house and life insurance and rural credit are difficult.

The PDP President, Sangay Ngedup, informed the gathering that the meeting was organized to provide a forum where people can share their problems and make suggestions for improvement.

Some of the recommendations made by the participants include the decentralization of the services relating to issuance of permits, licenses and clearances.

The participants also said there is a need to simplify the procedures for transferring land records. They said access to information has to be improved and more markets made available for agriculture products. Source: BBS

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