30th Dec, 2011

Land Commission introduces E-Sakor facility

« Home minister Minjur Dorji launches the E-Sakor
So far, the facility has been extended to three dzongkhags and five gewogs of a fourth
Land Commission Land transactions will now be processed online.  With the launch of e-Sakor, an online land conveyance system yesterday, land transaction from the dzongkhags and thromdes would now be submitted online to the land commission for approval.

So far, the online registrations of land conveyance for new thrams have been issued to Lhuentse, Mongar, Trashiyangtse and five gewogs in Trashigang.  This means only these districts can process land transactions online.

The rest of the dzongkhag would follow after the issuance of new thrams.

On an average, the commission processes about eight land transactions a day today.  The number is expected to increase with the process going online.

According to the G2C project, it takes between two and a half months to about  four months today to process a land transaction that involves a change of ownership.  Getting a lagthram takes three days, while correcting the plot number on the thram takes a month.

Processing land transactions online is one of the primary applications of e-Sakor, chief survey engineer Tenzin Namgay said during the launch.

“E-Sakor is a comprehensive online land information system comprising of map, thrams and other land related information,” he said.

The system’s mortgage module would register reliable and up-to-date mortgage information of all registered land to be shared with the financial institutions.

“Sharing of this information with the banks would minimise the multiple mortgaging of the same land and transaction of mortgaged land,” Tenzin Namgay said.

With all land-related information online, commission officials said landowners would be able to view their thram and map information online, as well as see if their plots are being illegally transacted.

Prospective land buyers can also access information on the plots they are interested to buy by verifying location, mortgage information, ownership and acreage.

“Thus it’ll enhance land market and provide a conductive environment for ethical practice in land marketing,” the chief survey engineer said.

For people to access these services, they will first have to visit the dzongkhag administration where they would be given a unique identity (ID) number.

After getting the ID number, they can visit www.nlcs.com.bt, where they can log in and access the information.

The website was however inaccessible yesterday when this story was filed. Source: Kuenselonline


excluding 3 dzongkhags and five geogs, if the rest of the dzongkhags people wishes to sale or keep the land as a morgage for processing loans.
can it be done or we have to wait for the new thram. and i dont know its true or not but i heard that before the issuance of new thram if we wants to sale or process for loan then we have to obtain clerance, so if it is true then what is the process and from where we should get the clerance. coz we the poor people are in dilema.

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