Bhutan Glossary

Bhutan Holiday makers can’t find much in the way of Bhutanese phrase books on the web, so its quite possible that the following is the best resource available! Very, very few foreigners manage to learn more than a couple words of Dzongkha, National language of Bhutan and any effort will be sincerely appreciated. You might even get local prices at the hotel bar, especially if you can speak little local language.Hello = Kuzu Zangpo (La) – This is the basic greeting, regardless of time of day. “La” denotes respect and is extra polite.

Bhutan = Druk Yul

Thank you = Kadinchey

Yes = Ing

No = Men

Good luck = Tashi Delek

Delicious = Zhimbe If something is very delicious, say “Name Same Shimbe”.

How are you? = Cheu ga de be yoe?

I’m fine = Nga leshembe yoe.

I = Nga

My = Nga gee

I’m from America = Nga America le ein.

You = Cheu

Where are you from? = Chee ga tay le mo

A meal = Dto

Have you eaten? = Cheu dto zaigah

I’m hungry = Nga dto khe chi

Pretty girl = bum Jarim Du

Do you have a girl/boyfriend? = Cheu luh aru garu yeh gah

Let’s be friends = Nga da choe charo bay gay

I love you = Nga cheu lu ga

See you again = Log jay gay

Water = Chu

River = Chu

Mango juice = Am chu kuleh juice

Milk = Ohm

Sugar = Goram

Butter = Ma

Meat = Sha

Beef = No sha

Pork = Phak sha

Chili Peppers = Ema

Chili Cheese = Ema Datsi

Mouth = Kha

Nose = Happa

Eye = Mitto

Belly = Phow

Ass = Abou

The hot chilies I ate make my ass burn = Ema sawachen abou tsaome.

Where is the toilet? = Chopsa gateh mo

I like Bhutan = Nga Druk lu gai.

Mother = Ai

Father = Apa

How old are you? = Cheu gi loh gam chi mo

Tomorrow I’m going to… = Naba …. Jo ni.

Black Necked Crane = Thung Thung kar mon.

Animal = Semchen

Cat = Jili

Dog = Rochi

Goodbye = Legshombay joen