Coronavirus Briefing by Minister of Health to the Bhutanese Tour Operators

Coronavirus Briefing by Minister of Health to the Bhutanese Tour Operators

Coronavirus Briefing by Hon’ble Lyonpo, Ministry of Health (MoH)

The following were briefed by Hon’ble Minister today (30th January 2020) to those tour operators who were present and also to share with all:

  1. There will be screening of all visitors at all entry points (for symptoms like fever, runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, general feeling of being unwell…)
  2. No tourists/ business/ personal visas will be issued for travellers from Wuhan, China or for those who have travel history in the last 1 month to Wuhan, China.
  3. Health Declaration Form is introduced for all visitors to Bhutan.
  4. If any visitors are found symptomatic (as mentioned above) and based on the case definition MoH, visitor will be quarantine by the airport health officer and subsequently case management protocol will be initiated.
  5. If any of the regional countries like Thailand, Nepal, India and Singapore (where Bhutan has direct air connectivity and road access) has or declares coronavirus as full blown outbreak all forms of access (Air and land) will be stopped.
  6. Bhutan is in the HIGH risk region and if restrictions are declared by World Health Organisation (WHO), Bhutan will be affected.
  7. Since majority of tourists travel via Bangkok, Thailand, which is an affected country, kindly be informed that Thailand has stepped up screening process at all their entry points.
  8. Not a single case detected so far in Bhutan.
  9. If you or anyone that you know has/ have travelled to affected countries, especially to Wuhan, China in the last 1 month to kindly contact Ministry of Health.
  10. If you organise any pilgrimage package tour, please inform total pax to MoH using the GIVEN FORM for record and advises. You could email the completed form to Ms. Jamyang Choden at
  11. Should any tour operators require formal letter to substantiate the above steps taken, Lyonpo mentioned to contact MoH (FIND CONTACT DETAILS)
  12. Find MoH Advisory on Coronavirus

    for information and travel.

  13. Please visit for latest updates on coronavirus.

Therefore, all are kindly requested to be informed of the above and also inform your clients/ agents of the precautionary steps taken by Ministry of Health in Bhutan.

For any clarification on above and facilitation to serve you better if in case such situation arises, please do not hesitate to contact  Mr. Tek Bahadur Khatiwara of ABTO at 17621385/322862.

Coronavirus Briefing by Minister of Health to the Bhutanese Tour Operators