Haa Summer Festival

Haa Summer Festival 13-14 July 2019

Haa is one of the smallest Dzongkhag in the country. This tiny region is one of the most beautiful and isolated areas in the Kingdom, adorned with pristine alpine forests and tranquil mountain peaks. The wooded hills of Haa provide an ideal location for hiking and mountain biking. Biking around the valley to visit the dozen or so local temples is an enjoyable way to spend the day when visiting.

Haa hosts an annual Summer Festival that showcases their unique lifestyle and culture. It provides unparalleled insight into the lives and traditions of Bhutan’s nomadic herders. It showcases a lively traditional living culture, nomadic lifestyles, and demonstration of local cuisines, brewing of local ara, traditional sports, religious performances, dances, songs, artifacts, and natural alpine flowers. Tourists can also experience the night at one of the many village home stays and enjoy the hospitality of the local people of Haa Valley.

Interested Tourist may like to contact Bhutanese Tour Operators for details. There is still a good time to plan to experience the once in a lifetime opportunity.

Bhutanese Tour operators are also encouraged to offer this festival to tourists. Source: Facebook page of Tourism Council of Bhutan