Royal Highland Festival in Laya

The Royal Highland Festival in Laya (23-24 October, 2019)

The annual Fourth Royal Highland Festival in Laya, Gasa is from 23 to 24 October 2019. The festival brings together highlanders from other parts of Bhutan to exchange values, knowledge, skills, and best practices related to highlands and yak farming. The festival is a landmark activity of Gasa dzongkhag’s “Good to Great Gasa”, a vision inspired by His Majesty’s passion to make our country great.

During the festival, visitors can witness The traditional offering of Buelwa (Gift offering) with Auley (traditional epic poem/song recitation tradition originated from Zhabdrung Rinpoche days) that begun during Zhabdrung Rinpoche’s reign in showing loyalty and respect by the community of Laya is being offered for dynamic and visionary leadership of our successive monarchs.

Variety of cultural programs will be performed by Layaps. The various competitions on highland animals including the Yaks, horses, and Mastiffs will be held and also competition such as traditional songs and dances will be held.

The festival consists of a series of stalls ranging from local based yak produce to highland technology, highland agriculture technology, medicinal herbs & plants, and others.

Interested Tourist may like to contact Bhutanese Tour Operators for details. There is still a good time to plan to experience the once in a lifetime opportunity.
Bhutanese Tour operators are also encouraged to offer this festival to tourists. Source: Tourism Council of Bhutan