Stopping entry permit issuance for Regional Tourists to Bhutan

This is with regard to government notification on stopping entry permit issuance for regional tourists from 15-18 August 2019. In this regard, we have crosschecked with the government and accordingly ascertain some facts below.

1. Government has stopped issuing entry permit for all regional tourists as well as work permit for laborer for the period 15-18 August 2019.
2. Any regional tourist who has valid e-permit (e-permit issued prior government notification) are allowed to enter or exit Bhutan smoothly even during 15-18 August 2019

On the above matter, ABTO will remain vigilant and update you on the latest development, if any, for the benefit of travel company. For further clarification, if any, you may contact Mr. Tek Bahadur Khatiwara at 322862 or 17621385. Source: ABTO