Thimphu Tshechu Decorum 2018

Tshechu Decorum 
The Association would like to remind our members for briefing your guide(s) on the following Dos and Don’ts while taking clients for Thimphu Drupchen and Tshechu.

1.  Not to place filming equipment in front of the crowd, obstructing public view
2.  An approval from BICMA has to be sought for Filming during Tshechu
3.  No smoking within Dzong area and Tendral Thang
4.  Display of Guide License during the duty
5.  Tour Guides are requested to be with their guest till the end of programme (not to leave
tourists un-attended)

6.  Tour Guides to take care of guest and their belongings and will be held liable incase of lost of
guest belongings.

7.   Tourists are not allowed  to take picture with the location showing Lingkhana Palace 

Dress codes for tourists are as follow: – 
·      T-Shirts or full sleeves should be with collar
·      Knee length skirts for women
·      No shorts/half pants/track pants allowed
·      No hats and caps permitted inside the Dzong