Bhutan Majestic Travel – A professional travel agent that you can rely on

Bhutan Majestic Travel – A professional travel agent that you can rely on

“Our group of five just finished off a trip to Bhutan. The trip came out great; way more than what we expected from this Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge at the first place.

3 out of 5 in this group serve in the media industry as journalists travel by us most of the time. But to visit Bhutan, we have to sign up with a tour operator. Reporters aren’t really looking for someone to give them a beautiful, branded piece of content; but objective information. Many in the tour trip are so petrified of making their clients or they look silly. We were at one point worried that our guide would shared those so called jokes on the bus or we got stuck on forced shopping stops for their kickbacks! That hadn’t happened once!

Namgay Dorji, our tour guide who provided us details of Bhutan history, culture and very well versed in Buddhism. We had asked for our itinerary to be tailored according to our preference, from museums, libraries to locals’ market, our driver and tour guide gladly obliged. Namgay has excellent command of English and his knowledge of historical facts not just pertaining to Bhutan but other countries as well – both past & present were superb.

People always give a thumb up to a driver’s skill. I’d rather say staying calm and tolerant in all situations is the top priority. Tshewang, our driver by all means meets all professional standard.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bhutan Majestic Travel – a professional travel agent that you can rely on. Thank you!”

Carmen Kwong & Group
Hong Kong