Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours : Bhutan is the Promised Land for Adventure Tourism.  Its huge biodiversity, the unspoiled wilderness, and its Himalayan rugged terrain can entice any adventurer.

Bhutan is rapidly gaining popularity and building its status as a destination for adventure tours – whether it’s Marathon, Kayaking, Rafting, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing or Fly Fishing Trips.   Bhutan’s six major rivers have been scouted for kayaking and rafting; and the glacial-fed rivers are crystal clear and untamed.  And many biking routes are being paved and planned.

Bhutan began its popular mountain bike race, the Tour of the Dragon, in 2010 and Dragon’s Fury Mountain Bike Race.  It is considered one of the toughest one-day bike races in the world.  It starts from Bumthang, at an altitude of 2,600 meters, travels 268 km over four mountain passes, and ends at the finish line in Thimphu, at an altitude of 2,320 meters, Adventure Tours. Join us to participate in Fifth (5th) Bhutan International Marathon Race and Half Marathon Race on 4th March 2018.

Bhutan, as a destination for adventure tourism, is still a clandestine haunt for those looking for an amazing, unique, outdoor experience.