Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Tour Payment:

100% refund if tour canceled within 60 Days from the start of the tour.

50% refund if tour canceled within 30 Days from the start of the tour.

25% refund if tour canceled within 15 Days from the start of the tour.

No Refund, if tour canceled less than 15 Days from the start of the tour.

Cancellation Policy for Airfare:

100% refund if Air Ticket canceled within 60 Days from the start of the tour.

50% refund Air Fare canceled within 30 Days from the start of the tour.

25% refund Air Fare canceled within 15 Days from the start of the tour.

No Refund for Tickets canceled less than 15 Days from the start of the tour.


The Royal Government of Bhutan Fixed Daily Tariff is set at $ 100 per person per night.

You get a lot more for your money in Bhutan!

Any other quoted rates and advertised are illegal.

Cancellation Policy
Many tour operators think they have to “undercut” prices that the government has set in order to compete. This inevitably leads to poor customer service as tour operators herd as many guests as they can in large groups, and put their guests in sub-standard hotels to cut expenses and hire unqualified guides to haul you around.
Cancellation Policy

Accommodations: The costs of all accommodations are included in tour costs. In the major towns of Thimphu, Paro, and Phuentsholing, comfortable hotels are available for the visitor. In smaller towns, modest, but adequate, hotels, lodges and guest houses are readily available. We will ensure that the best available accommodations are arranged for you. The Department of Tourism regulates hotel standards and all travel regulations in Bhutan.

Food and Drink: Traditional Bhutanese food is hot and spicy. For our visitors, however, Chinese, Indian, and Continental fares are served. The more adventurous can try the local delicacies like the tasty and fiery the national dish of Bhutan, Emma Datshi which is made with chilies and Local Bhutanese cheese. Meals are normally served buffet style in the hotels. On trekking tours a trained cook will accompany your group to provide simple but nutritious dishes. All meals while you trek or visit in Bhutan are also included in the daily tour cost. Other services include trekking arrangements. Your only extra expenses will be, liquor, laundry, souvenirs and tips if you choose.

Ground Transport: Again, all ground transportation is already included in your daily tariff. We use only clean, comfortable and well-maintained cars, vans and coaches to transport our guests. Our experienced drivers are trained and licensed by the Department of Tourism and the Road Safety and Transport Authority. You will be at ease riding in the mountains of Bhutan unlike the experiences you will have had in Nepal and India. Sanity on the road prevails, and drivers are courteous to each other.

Guides: Guests of the kingdom are required to have guide accompaniment throughout their stay in Bhutan. You will have a very fluent English-speaking guide and driver at your disposal at all times. This is not to say you have to have your hand held everywhere you go. We are very accommodating and we can be flexible. Our guides have all been trained and licensed by the Department of Tourism. Our trekking guides and cooks undergo additional mountain training, including safety and first aid. None of our guests have ever needed a rescue, but we have helped lost trekkers from other tour agencies get out of the high passes safely. We have been successfully leading groups through the Bhutan highlands ever since tourism was privatized.

Tourist Seasons: A visit to Bhutan can be planned anytime of the year but the best period is from mid September to November and March to June. There are many festivals during these months, and visitors should take advantage of trekking and the Tshechu. Most hotels sell out during this time and it is important for us to plan in advance if you want to attend. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the tour costs. The daily rate may sound high at first, but remember that this includes all your accommodations, meals, guided tours, and all ground transportation in Bhutan, museums fees.

Travel Visa Application:

Tourist Visa: Your visa has to be approved prior to air ticketing and your arrival in Bhutan. Once you are ready to confirm your tour arrangements we will apply for your visas. We just need scanned copy of your Passport Your Bhutan visa will be stamped in your passport only when you arrive in Bhutan. Bhutan Visa Fees of US$ 40 which you need to wire together with your Airline and Tour Payment to Bhutan Majestic Travel in advance to process your Bhutan Visa and purchase Druk Air Tickets. Cancellation Policy