Why us?

WHY US? : What do you get by choosing Bhutan Majestic Travel “Your Trusted Travel Partner”?

Our trips offer you the best value for your money; all our trips are all inclusive, honestly priced, well paced and one-of-a-kind.  Your visit encompasses the best of all the places, stay in the most charming local accommodations or best campsites and meets fascinating people. Through our long experience, we then add more value by including a host of features, like a special prayer ceremony with Buddhist monks, a visit to a Bhutanese family home or a traditional Bhutanese dinner.

Why Us because we practice Responsible Tourism:

Royal Government of Bhutan had a clear vision, right from the introduction of Tourism.  “High Value, Low Impact” is an enlightened policy and it is well suited for a small country like Bhutan with fragile ecosystem. Through the enlightened policy, Bhutan has managed to keep itself as a much admired tourist destination.

As a responsible tour operator, we take great care not to spoil the local cultures and the environment. You will be well sensitized about the local cultures and etiquette. Together, let us keep Bhutan, away from the bad influence of mass tourism.

Requirements from you:

To make this trip an unforgettable one, we request you for your patience, co-operation and kindness to your group members, your Bhutanese staff and the local people you come into contact with. Also, it is important to have a very open mind and positive attitude.

We look forward to showing you the living past and enchant you with the charm and pageantry of glorious by-gone eras: With us, you can rest assured that you will get the finest quality service and the most memorable holiday experience.