Welcome To Bhutan

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Bhutan – Bhutan is one of the least visited countries in the world.  It still is an enigma and remains as one of the world’s most exotic destinations. and we at Bhutan Majestic Travel wishing you Welcome to Bhutan and As such, we specialize in Cultural tour, Trekking trips, and facilitating experiences in Buddhist and meditation study with Buddhist monks and teachers to bring the best of what Bhutan has to offer to our guests.

Bhutan Majestic Travel has been catering to guests since 2005.  We pride ourselves on catering to the smallest detail in effort to offer personalized services to individual guests, various size groups, royalty, and celebrities.  We’ve planned and guided tours for groups of 3 to 30 people, as well as for the late King of Tonga, Grammy Award winning singer and musician Sting and his family, the Dutch Ambassador to Bangladesh Mr. Hennekens and family, and distinguished business tycoon Hero Honda Chairman, Mr. Munjal and his family and many more.

For those interested in learning more about meditation or Buddhism, we can arrange and facilitate special private audiences with high level Rimpoches (reincarnated, learned Lamas, teachers, or monastery abbots).  In addition, we have the exclusive privilege of arranging audiences and meditation studies.

We, at Bhutan Majestic Travel, believe that tourism is an extension of our hospitality and an expression of our social values.  Our national philosophy of Gross National Happiness is at the core of our customer service – our goal is the happiness of our guests.  As such, we believe in focusing on quality services vs. quantity, enabling our guides to provide more customized individual attention to our guests. We will be taking care of your Bhutan Visa, Bhutan Hotels, Bhutan Air Tickets and Guides with Transport and Driver.

We look forward to planning and guiding you through your ideal holiday experience in Bhutan with us!

Bhutan Majestic Travel Team