Tour of The Dragon

Tour Summary

Tour of The Dragon Summary 

Tour of The Dragon 268 kms Mountain Biking Race is one of the toughest mountain biking one day race in the world. If you are Mountain Biking Racer then we strongly recommend you to participate and feel the difference. Tour of the Dragon is not a road bike race or a classic mountain bike race, nor is it a gravel grinder, because it doesn’t fit into any of the categories defined by the UCI. Since the distance of the race is 200+ km, we would categorize it as an ultra-marathon mountain bike race on roads that happen to be extremely challenging.

Tour of the Dragon 268 kms starts from Bumthang (Saturday, September 2nd, 2017, 2:00 AM,) and travels 268 km over 4 mountain passes before finishing in Thimphu Clock Tower Square. It’s one of the toughest one-day mountain bike races in the world. Come be part of the Biggest and Toughest Mountain Biking race, sign up today!


Tour Facts

Duration: One Day Level: Toughest Distance: 268 kms Districts Covered: Five Districts Altitude: Bumthang 2500 – Trongsa – 2200 – Wangdue 1300 – Punakha 1300 – Thimphu 2200m Mountain Pass: Kikila 2900m – Yotongla 3400m – Pelela 3350m – Dochula 3150m (Three Major and One Medium Pass) Season: 2nd September International Registration Fee: USD 25

Sl No STATION Distance (In Kms) Dzongkhag -Dzongkhag distance in Kms
From To
01. Chamkhar, Bumthang Kiki La Pass 9     67.7
02. Kikila Pass Gyatsa Junction 18.5
03. Gyatsa Junction Yutong La Pass 12
04. Yutong La Pass Trongsa Down Town 28.2
05 Trongsa Down Town Bjee Zam (Bridge) 6.9
06 Bjee Zam Trongsa Viewpoint 5.9
07 Trongsa Viewpoint Tshangkha School 8.1
08 Tshangkha School Sephuchen 13.9
09. Sephuchen Chendibji Stupa 6
10. Chendibji Stupa Chendibji School 2
11. Chendibji School Chazam 7
12. Chazam Rukhubji 3
13. Rukhubji Longmey 6
14. Longmey Longtey 4
15. Longtey Gangchudoro 2
16. Gangchudoro Pele La Pass 3
17. Pele La Pass Dungdungnyesa 7 118.8
18. Dungdungnyesa Nobding 6
19. Nobding Adagangchu 4
20. Adagangchu Kikila Query 7
21. Kikila Query Jimjana 3
22. Jimjana Garzikha 9
23. Garzikha Takeyzam Bridge 4
24. Takeyzam Bridge Chuzomsa 3
25. Chuzomsa Rabuna 4
26. Rabuna Wangdue Old Town 4
27. Wangdue Old Town Wangdue Bridge 2             69
28. Wangdue Bridge Mesina Junction 7
29. Mesina Junction Thinleygang 10
30. Thinleygang Lumitsawa 4
31. Limitsawa Lamperi 12
32. Lamperi Dochu La Pass 11
33. Dochu La Pass Simtokha Junction 17
34. Simtokha Junction Clock Tower via Expressway 6
                                                        Total Distance 255.5 255.5


Any misconduct on part of any rider, in breach of any of the guidelines given below, will result in disqualification of the individual from the race as may be decided by the Organizing Committee. The decision of the Organizing Committee will be final and binding.

  • All riders must at all times respect the existing road traffic rules and regulations.
  • All riders must wear their helmets and fasten chin strap during the race while they are riding their bicycles. The helmet must be fastened before the participant first mounts the bicycle, at all times when the participant is on the bicycle, and must not be unfastened until the rider has dismounted.
  • All participants shall demonstrate proper sporting spirit and shall, in whatever capacity, participate in the race in fair and sporting manner. They shall all endeavor to contribute fairly to the sporting success of the race.
  • No rider shall be disrespectful toward the organizers, officials, other riders or spectators. No rider shall use foul or abusive language or conduct during the race event.

1.5 Carrying and using glass containers are forbidden during the race.

1.6 All riders must respect the environment and must make sure that they do not pollute the course venue.

1.7 All riders may render each other such minor services as lending or exchanging food, drink, spanners or accessories. The lending or exchanging of bicycles are not acceptable.

1.8 All Riders shall ride with utmost caution. They shall be held responsible for any accidents that they may cause.

1.9 No rider including, but not limited to, race officials and marshals shall consume alcoholic beverages or any other intoxicants while the race is in progress and any such person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicant shall be promptly relieved of responsibilities/disqualified.


The following offenses shall be punishable by disqualification in the current race and suspension from the next edition of the Tour of the Dragon, as may be decided by the organizing committee. The decision of the Organizing Committee will be final and binding:

2.1 Chest number should be visible at all the time. If anyone temper with the chest number, he/she will be PENALIZED with 10 minutes on the overall time sheet.

2.2 If anybody is found/seen using their personal vehicle, he/she shall be PENALIZED with 20 minutes on the result sheet. But personal cars can only support/assist riders at the authorized areas such as aid - stations.

2.3 The pushing of one rider by another or any sort of physical aggression toward another rider.

2.4 Intentionally making abrupt motion so as to interfere with the forward progress of another rider. All riders must permit any following or faster rider to overtake without obstructing such a rider.

2.5 No acts of unsportsmanlike conduct in conjunction with the event will be allowed.

2.6 Entering the competition under an assumed name or falsifying documentation at the time of registration.

2.7 Assaulting or committing a violent injury on other rider or official.

2.8 Pushing or pulling other riders. No rider may hold back or pull an opponent by any part of his/her clothing, equipment or body.

2.9 Behavior dangerous to the rider or other competitors.

2.10 Holding on to a motor vehicle.

2.11 Failing to ride the entire course, by taking a short cut, riding in a motor vehicle, or by other means.

2.12 Pulling or pushing another rider or another rider's equipment during a sprint.

2.13 Fraud or attempted fraud during the race;


  • Finisher’s Medal for All Finishers
  • Finisher’s Certificate for All Finishers
  • Participation Certificate for All Participants
  • T-shirt for All Participants
  • Pre-race briefing in Bumthang
  • Bike and participant transportation from Thimphu to the start line in Bumthang (as needed)
  • Special Awards to Top Finishers
  • Awards Celebration at Clock Tower Square, Thimphu
  • Aid Stations (aid station supplies will be announced before the race)
  • Roving Medical Support
  • Roving Technical Support
  • Sweep vehicle for participants who must pull out of the event, or who do not make cut-off times.


  1. TITLE OF RACE - 8th Tour of the Dragon.
  1. RACE DATE - September 2, 2017
  1. RACE ROUTE - Chamkhar Town, Bumthang (Start Point) – Clock Tower, Thimphu (Finish Point)


  1. Mountain Bike

- Only Mountain Bike [26”, 27.5” & 29” wheel dimension and tire size not less than 1.75” (this is as per the recommendation of the route calibration team)] will be allowed to use on race day.

[When considering tire tread note that though the event is on roads, “road” is a dynamic condition in Bhutan. Road can mean smooth tarmac, damaged tarmac or dirt of some sort, and if it is raining dirt will be mud. ToD is toward the end of the monsoon season, so rain is likely and conditions on the roads will be at their worst for the year.]

  1. Helmet

- All participants must have a helmet with proper chinstrap. Wearing a rigid safety helmet shall be mandatory during course.

  1. Back-up kit

- All participants must carry the following back-up kit:

  • Spare Tube or a Repair Kit
  • Small Portable Pump

A participant may also help another participant execute a repair of any sort. The organizing committee shall not be responsible for any loss of time due to technical problems.

  1. Cycle lights

- All participants must have an appropriate cycle light and should be sufficient till the dawn.

[Since the race is starting at 2:00 AM, all participants must have an appropriate bike light (900 to 1,500 lumen power) with battery power that will carry you through until dawn (3- 4 hours). Use rear blinky light for safety and to aid other riders and cars in seeing you on the road.]

  1. Cycling Clothing

- The organizer recommend participants to wear an appropriate cycling outfit for their maximum performance during the course. The weather can be uncertain at the time of the race especially in the morning and down - hill stretches. So hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

[We will likely have a mixed bag of weather; from cold on high passes and descents, to rain, to hot sun. It is best to prepare for the worst and hope that we are pleasantly surprised with good weather.]


Organizer will arrange transportation for officials and the participants on Tuesday 29thof August 2017. Both the officials and participants are asked to gather at the Changlingmethang parking at 7 a.m. sharp in the  morning. Participants who wish to take their own private vehicle may do so.


Riders (all participants) will need to arrange their own logistics in Bumthang.

  • Aid stations

- Aid Station 2: Yutongla

- Aid Station 3: Trongsa Viewpoint

- Aid Station 4: Tsheringma Drupchu

- Aid Station 5: Chendebjee School Gate

- Aid Station 6: Rukubji

- Aid Station 7: Pele La

- Aid Station 8: Taekey Zam

- Aid Station 9: Messina Petrol Pump

- Aid Station 10: Thinleygang

- Aid Station 11: Menchuna

- Aid Station 12: Lamperi

- Aid Station 13: Dochu La

  • Course Marshals at various check points
  • Mobile Ambulance: Emergency medical back - ups
  • Traffic Police & RSTA: Monitor & control traffic
  • Mobile aid stations at the strategic areas with medical, technical and food.
  • Refreshments at the start (Aid Station 1: Chamkhar town, Bumthang) & finish line (Aid Station 14: Clock Tower, Thimphu)
  • Medical Support at the finish line in case of sustained injury

All participants must report to the start point (central town of Chamkhar, Bumthang) at 1:00 a.m. sharp on the race day, Saturday the 2nd of September2017. The race start - off at 2:00 a.m. sharp.

            Starting position will be determined by the registration number.

No rider may be on course during the race if he/she has not registered for the race, unless approved by the

Organizing committee. No other person, without any official responsibility or without the approval of organizing committee may be on the course.

  1. 10. CUT OF TIME

All the riders should cross Dochu La by 6:00 p.m. if not the sweeping team will pick them up. Any rider who

wishes to ride after this time may do but the organizers shall not be responsible for any inconveniences caused. [Only riders who have passed the cut of time are entitled for the cash prizes.]

Day rooms will be provided at the end of the race for all the riders to shower and refresh themselves before attending the awards ceremony.

  1. 11. DOPING 

Participants will be tested for doping banned substances, and must compulsorily provide urine samples, when asked, at either or both the start or finish points. A participant whose test result is positive must promptly return any prizes and primes won in the event.


At the end of the race, results will not be announced until all the checklists are cross - checked and verified by the technical official.

All participants are requested to be present during the prize awarding ceremony.