Bhutan Tour by Bob Jones

Hawaii Group 33 Pax

Bhutan Tour by Bob Jones As I had previously mentioned,  the arrangements your company provided were superior compared to most other destinations we visited (mostly Nepal and Korea). Your country is lovely,  scenic, and very friendly.  People smile and say “hi” which is very different compared to what you experience in other places.

Your Toyota vans were comfortable and sufficient.  Road were lousy,  but that’s not your fault.  Drivers were excellent, always smiling and always ready to help.

The Hotels were mostly sufficient,  but there is a lot of room for improvement. The Sambhav has a good location but the hotel suffers from neglect. The maids who clean the room should immediately tell the manager of any problems in the room.  For future reference,  for older people lower floor rooms should be reserved.  Some in our group complained,  but then walked up to the Tiger’s Nest.

The drive to Punaka was interesting,  although a bit long for one night.  We all liked the place and the Meri Pumsum Hotel was good.  The Punaka Dzong was superb. Bhutan Tour by Bob Jones

The Metta Resort was excellent and our group really liked the hotel.  One thing you need to do the next time with the tour leader or tour organizer.   The food at Metta were awesome. As I said,  the group was pretty happy about their accommodation and the food was the very best in all Bhutan. Bhutan Tour by Bob Jones

You and Chimmi as guides were professional and always on time and in a good mood.  The trip up the Tiger’s Nest was definitely the highlight for most people, although the 8 who did not go had a great time in town.

Again,  thank you so much for all you did for us,  we had a great time.  I hope you accept my suggestions not as criticism but as constructive ideas to make things better in the future.  My suggestions  only relate to the hotels we used. Bhutan Tour by Bob Jones

Bob Jones Bhutan Tour with 33 Hawaiians, Tour Organized by Resch Tours, Hawaii USA

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