International Tourism Event List 2019






PROMOTION OF BHUTAN:                International Tourism Events List 2019

The Tourism Council of Bhutan, in collaboration with the private Bhutanese tourism partners, participates in tourism events in different key source markets. The event list is developed based on the importance of that particular region, country or market to Bhutan, feedback received from previous participation (This includes benefit derived in terms of business prospects), internal research conducted and to broaden source market base for increasing number of Bhutanese entrants into tourism business


The following are some of the main objectives of participating in tourism events. However, there will be other benefits of showcasing Bhutan in these events.

  1. Promote Bhutan as a year-round exclusive travel destination of South Asia
  2. Develop, strengthen and promote Brand Bhutan
  3. Showcase and reinforce Bhutan’s presence in the global travel market [platforms]
  4. Educate and update on visiting Bhutan
  5. Provide affordable opportunity to private tourism partners to network and market their services & products
  6. Generate business through tie-ups with foreign tour operators
  7. Develop direct link with the source market tour operators & travel advisors, thus doing away with the role of middle agents
  8. Help renew & maintain confidence on selling Bhutan
  9. Understand expectations of visitors and travel trade partners
  10. Get direct clients (tourists) from these events

Expected Result

Among others, following are some of the expected results from participating in tourism events.

  1. Increased awareness on Bhutan
  2. More informed & knowledgeable international tour operators
  3. Immediate business (bookings) generated
  4. Easy access (Instant) to destination information for travelers and trade partners
  5. Face-to-face platform for interaction & business discussion provided
  6. Increased business opportunities
  7. Increased confidence on selling Bhutan
  8. Increased publicity on Bhutan (Including media coverage)
  9. Increased number of international tour operators including Bhutan packages in their promotional collaterals
  10. Increased number of international tour operators recommending Bhutan to their clients

Tourism Event List [2019]

TCB will participate in the following tourism events in 2019 together with the Bhutanese tourism industry partners. Please register with the relevant contact person through email at the earliest possible. After you have sent an email, please speak with the relevant person if you don’t hear back from him or her about your expression of interest to participate in the following tourism events.


  Event Name Date City Country     Website   Contact Person Last date of
        registration &
                                payment of security
  International 10-12                            
1 Travel &   India                        
Tourism January                 Namgay Wangmo  
  Exhibition   Mumbai   25 September 2018
  South Asia                              
  Travel & 16-18                            
2 Tourism   India                        
January                 Namgay Wangmo  
  Event Delhi   25 September 2018
  International 23-27                            
3 Tourism   Spain               Karma Zangmo  
Trade Fair January Madrid   25 September 2018
4 Travel & 16-17 Los Angeles United   Damcho Rinzin   31 August 2018
  Adventure February States


  Internationale 6-10                                        
5 Tourismus   Germany                       Thinley Wangdi  
Borse March Berlin   14 September 2018
  (ITB Berlin) 
  Outbound 15-17                                        
6 Travel &   China                                    
Tourism April                         Tshering Pem  
  Market   Beijing   30 November 2018
  Arabian     United                                    
  Travel 28 April –                                      
7   Arab                       Namgay Wangmo  
Market 1 May Dubai   30 November 2018
  (ATM)   Emirates
  Korea World     South                                    
8 Travel Fair 6-9 June                           Tshering Pem  
Seoul Korea     31 December 2018
9 Tourism September   Japan                       Thinley Wangdi  
Expo Japan Tokyo   15 January 2019
10 Luxperience September Sydney Australia     Thinley Wangdi       16 October 2018
11 Internationale 16-18   Singapore                       Tshering Pem  
Tourismus October                          
  Borse (ITB Singapore 31 May 2019


  World Travel     United              
12 Market November           Tshering Pem  
London Kingdom   5 June 2019


Terms & Conditions

  1. Feedback: We urge participants to provide feedback to TCB. If a participant fails to provide feedback formally then it may affect his or her future participation in tourism events. This is because your feedback is very important to better utilize resources and formulate plans. You are welcome to share your feedback whenever it is convenient to you but we recommend you to use the formal feedback system to allow proper assessment of our activities.
  2. Last date of registration: Please ensure that you send email to relevant official(s) mentioned above. After the last date of registration, interested participants will be waitlisted, in case some participants withdraw. Registration will only be accepted through email because this allows us to be transparent and keep proper record of our communication. Please keep a copy of this email for reference should the need arise.
  3. Security deposit: A security amount of Nu. 30,000 (Thirty thousand only) must be deposited with TCB to confirm your participation on or before the last date of registration. Security deposit is must to gauge serious participants. Once we have clear idea on the number of confirmed participants we will be able to plan so many things and it will also allow serious participants to make their travel plans ahead of time. Security deposit is non-refundable and it will be adjusted to your final payment. However, security deposit will be refunded if a participant does not get selected during lucky draw. Those who fail to pay security deposit by last date of registration, they will be waitlisted and will not be allowed for the selection process.
  4. Event research: It is highly recommended that you conduct research about the above events to better prepare and to get best out of your
  5. Meetings (Briefing): Attend meetings organized by TCB. Date and time of meeting will be communicated to you through email for each We finalize many things during our meeting, so it is important that you attend these meetings.
  6. Cost: Please contact respective official to enquire about cost for participation. The cost of booth space will be shared between TCB and the private participants on a 50:50 ratio. All participants bear 50% of the total bare booth space cost only. The cost for construction and decoration of the tooth will be borne fully by TCB.
  7. Undertaking: For better coordination and efficient future planning, we require everyone to sign an undertaking during the time of depositing the security amount.

Code of Conduct

  • Please have your own product brochures and sample itineraries to differentiate your company from others. If possible, have language brochure(s) for relevant regions or countries.
  • National dress is always our pride and a good attraction so all Bhutanese participants must wear ghos and kiras.
  • It would be good to have souvenir items or similar things with you or displayed on your table to attract attention or to start a conversation. Sometimes these small things will do magic for you.
  • Study the source market before participating in tourism events.
  • In some events you will require to schedule appointments in advance. Make sure that you remember the deadline for this. Please ask relevant official on this.
  • Try and attend business-networking sessions because you may come across good business partners.
  • Please don’t forget to take enough business cards.
  • Must send high resolution logo to the relevant official
  • Must not stand or promote in the walkway
  • Must refrain from promoting in areas others than allocated to you.
  • Must not interrupt others during their business meetings
  • Must not occupy meeting tables unless it is for business meetings as there is limited meeting space/tables.
  • Must take care of your own garbage by disposing off appropriately
  • Must take care of your own belongings (Including brochures)
  • Must not take standing banners unless advised.
  • Any additional major decoration must be approved by TCB in advance.
  • Must inform TCB representative on media interviews or similar.
  • Ensure that you have one representative in your booth all time.

—————————————————– THANK YOU [END] ————————————-