Bhutan Luxury Travel

Tour Summary

Bhutan Luxury Travel 7 Nights 8 Days is a new concept of itinerary that combines staying in International Five Star Hotels mixed with experiencing Simple Camping Nights in Tents by Riverside to experience or taste the extraordinary Bhutan Travel.

We are very lucky that we tried this itinerary earlier last year and the outcome had been overwhelming and we are officially launching it and hopefully you the Bhutan Holiday makers would love it. If your travel duration doesn’t match with Bhutan Luxury Travel 7 Nights 8 Days then feel free to use the Customize Your Trip Form and send us an email, we will workout something that suits you.

If you wish to follow this itinerary then you can catch Drukair, Royal Bhutan Airlines, National Flag Carrier flight from Bangkok, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Kolkata, Dhaka & Singapore.


Tour Facts

Duration: 7 Nights 8 Days Level: Luxury with Traditional Bhutanese Attractions:  Cultural Sightseeing, Hike to Tiger’s Nest or Taktsang – Overnight in Camp Altitude: Western Bhutan 1300 – 2200m Mountain Pass: Dochula Pass Season: All Round The Year

Day Trip Schedule
Day 1 Arrive Paro Uma Resort
Day 2 Thimphu Ramada
Day 3 Thimphu Ramada
Day 4 Punakha Camping
Day 5 Punakha Camping
Day 6 Punakha to Paro Uma Resort
Day 7 Hike to Taktsang – Tiger’s Nest Uma Resort
Day 8 Depart Bhutan
Travel during Off Season: Jan – Feb – Jun – Jul – Aug – Dec Single Traveller – Free Independent Traveller (FIT): $ 1580 Couple or Two Person Traveler – Free Independent Traveler (FIT): $ 1510 per person Group of 3 & More: $ 1300 per person Travel during Peak Season: Mar – Apr – May – Sept – Oct – Nov Single Traveler – Free Independent Traveller (FIT): $ 1895 Couple or Two Person – Free Independent Traveller (FIT): $ 1825 per person Group of 3 or More: $ 1615 The Above Price includes following services;
  • Bhutan Visa
  • All Permits – Museum Fees
  • Breakfast in Five Star and Lunch & Dinner in Local Restaurent
  • Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) Licensed Professional Driver
  • SUV for FIT & Toyota Van from 3 – 8 Pax & Toyota Coaster Coach from 8 – 20 Pax
  • Decade old TCB Licensed Tour Guide
  • All Sightseeing with Walks and Hikes
  • Bottled Mineral Water
Service Not Included in the above cost:
  • Round Trip Air Tickets
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Alcohol & Beverages
  • Entertainment Cost – Pub & Nightclubs
  • Tips for Tour Guide, Driver and Hotel Staffs
  • Donations to Monasteries and Temples
  • Payment Wiring Fee of USD 50

Day1: Flight to Paro Bhutan.

Receive by Bhutan Majestic Travel's Guide and Driver. Altitude of Paro is 2200mtrs. Check in hotel or have lunch in town and visit following places; Paro Rinpung Dzong - Built in 1646 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal who is Tibetan by birth and came to Bhutan in 1616 and unified the country. The Dzong functions as Bhutanese Army House during the Tibetan Invasion and today it's the office of the Paro District Governor followed by District Judge. It is also the residence and study quarters for the Buddhist Monks. It has one of the fine example of Bhutanese Architecture as it remains unique because there is no use of nail or cement but whole building is made from beaten mud, stones and wood and use rock mineral colors for painting. Ta-Dzong or National Museum - Built as watch tower for the Dzong during the foreign invasion and later in 1960s it's changed into the National Museum of Bhutan. It's a six-storied building and contains art and artifacts from 7th Century. Unfortunately it's a cylindrical shape building with not much big concrete pillars and not earthquake proof, so due to number of Earthquakes the walls collapsed and right now renovation but all the treasures are displayed in the outside building. Overnight Uma Resort. Day2: After breakfast drive to Thimphu, which takes 1hour, 30min.  Check in the hotel and relaxation. After lunch visit the following places of interest; Zilukha Nunnery - Zilukha Nunnery is built by great saint who is popular in building iron bridges over the big rivers in Bhutan to get connected for trade and commerce in the 16th Century. If your tour group consists of more ladies, this particular Monastery is full of Nuns and its special for them. You will see no monks or any male residing in this monastery except their Master or the Rinpoche. Buddha Point - 169feet bronze statue of Buddha built at Kuenselphodrang facing East, the Sun Rise. The construction isn't complete as its a major project and once completed then it's going to be one of the biggest sitting Buddha. You can drive and visit the place and take photos. On your drive up and down you will see magnificent view of whole Thimphu valley. Tashicho Dzong - It has the Throne Room of His Majesty the King and the Summer Capital for the Central Monastic Body spending 6months here before they move to Punakha. It also has few govt offices.  It's a massive building and residence of the Je-Khenpo, the religious Abbot who wears Yellow Scarf same as King and looks after the Welfare of Buddhist Administration. The Annual Thimphu Festival, which happens in autumn, takes place on the Courtyard of the Dzong. National Archery Range - Archery is National Sport of Bhutan and it's must witness at this National Stadium, Changlimithang. The range is 150mtrs and played against two to three teams. All men and nowadays even women plays Archery in Bhutan. We have two different kinds of Bow; Bamboo Bow with Bamboo Arrow which is more traditional and locally produced but rare chance of hitting the target because of less accuracy but it remains very popular. Compound Bows, which are made from carbon fiber and the arrows are aluminum and imported from US. It's expensive and many prefer it because of its accuracy. Visit the Govt Handicraft Emporium, which is two-storied building right in the downtown and has vast collection of unique Bhutanese Textiles made from silk and cotton. It also has collection of Bhutanese souvenirs such as Thangka, Wooden Products, Bamboo Products and many more. We strongly recommend you guys to buy any goods from this place because the goods are genuine and prices are reasonable because it's Govt owned. Overnight Hotel Ramada.

Day3: Drive North of Thimphu for an hour to reach the base of Tango Buddhist University, the uphill walk from the motor road end will take close to an hour or two and visit the University and walk down to the road end to enjoy picnic lunch. After lunch drive for 10min where you will reach at the Cheri Base Wooden Bridge, which the walk starts, and similarly the duration of walk is same like Tango. Cheri Buddhist Retreat center is a peaceful and beautifully located overlooking the Thimphu valley. Today it's used as Long term Meditation Centre for the Monks. Afterwards walk down to the bus and drive back to Thimphu for overnight in Ramada Hotel.

Day4: Thimphu to Punakha 3hrs drive. After a hour drive you will reach Dochula Pass 3150mtrs where you will be greeted with 108 small Stupas and so many colorful prayer flags surrounding the nearby hills. On a clear day, from this place you will see the Eastern Himalayas in a Panoramic view and view the Bhutan's Highest Mountain Mount Gangkar Puensum 7541mtrs. You can enjoy a cup of Tea or Coffee with Loo stop at the Cafeteria. Drive down to lower altitude of Lobesa where you will stop and do a hour long hike through the rice fields and the village to the very famous Devine Madman's Temple of Fertility or Chimi Lhakhang. This monastery is not just famous to local Bhutanese but many westerners as well. Many couples after marriage for long time but doesn't result to pregnancy then they come visit this monastery and pray for new born and get blessed from the Archery Set, Wooden and Ivory Phallus belonging to Devine Madman and believe it or not it's very successful that the woman gets pregnant in few months, trust me it works for locals as well as few of our western guests as well. On return lunch will be served at the village restaurant. Continue driving to Punakha and stop at Lekethang to take photos of the most historic and beautiful Punakha Dzong built In-between or on the confluence of Pho (Male) Chu (River) and Mo (Female) Chu. Drive further up to the bus park and walk through the wooden cantilever bridge, which leads you to the Punakha Dzong. Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal built the Dzong in 1637. This Dzong plays an important role because the First National Assembly started from here and also the Coronation of our 1st Hereditary King started on 17th December 1907. It is also the old Capital of Bhutan. Today it's the winter capital for the Central Monastic Body headed by the Je-Khenpo who spends 6months here. It's one of the most beautiful Dzong in Bhutan. Drive back to downtown Punakha and then back to hotel. Overnight Camp Night 1

Day5: Breakfast at Camp. Drive to Punakha Dzong to witness the Annual Punakha Festival. It happens once in a year and time to celebrate Reunion of family members who are scattered across the country, enjoy delicious home cooked food, wear expensive colorful dresses and make important decisions and pray together for good year ahead with best wishes for health, work and wealth. Since most of the folks are farmers who are always busy in their farmlands, it's only the time that they time off from fields and results to many weddings once the festival is over because it's time to look for love of your life. The dancers are mostly Buddhist monks and also composed of local laymen and beautiful women from the Punakha valley. It's a big time for celebrations and also to receive blessings from the Buddhist Masters. Overnight Camp 2

Day6: Drive to Paro via Thimphu, lunch stop over as well as not to miss making your own personalized Bhutanese stamps at the Bhutan Postal Office. Window shopping or buying of souvenirs and drive to Paro for overnight Uma Resort.

Day7: Day Hike to Taktsang or Tiger's Nest. Great Buddhist Saint Guru Rinpoche builds Taktsang in 8th Century. Guru visited Bhutan many times both from Nepal and India. Guru flew on a back of a flaming Tigress to this rocky cave from far Eastern Bhutan and meditated for three months under which whole Paro or western Bhutan is flourished with Buddhist teachings. After that so many great Buddhist Masters come to this place to practice their meditation and do their prayers as its a holy place. Today's it's one of our National Treasure and pilgrimage hotspot for global Buddhist practitioners. The hike is quite challenging as its located at 2900mtr, 700mtr higher from Paro Valley. The climb is mixed with gradual and steep climbing which will take close to 2-3hrs uphill and visit the Monastery. The veggie lunch will be served at Cafeteria on the way back.

Kyichu Monastery - Tibetan King Songtsen Goenpo builds it in 659AD in 24hrs time. In order to flourish Buddhism and get power in hand from the deadly local evil ogress, as per the astrology predictions the King has to build 108 Stupas or Monasteries in 24hrs. The king with his own power and help of the local deities super natural power, he succeeded of which two are in Bhutan and Kyichu Monastery is one of them located in Paro and Jambay Lhakhang in Bumthang. It's a must visit Monastery because it's one of the oldest monastery in Bhutan. The main statue inside the Monastery is Maitriya or Future Buddha.

Visit the Market in the downtown Paro. Paro is the 2nd biggest city in Bhutan after Thimphu, the Capital City. Also do window-shopping and experiencing local life style.

Overnight in Paro

Day8: Drive to airport to catch onward flight.