Follow STING To Bhutan

Tour Summary

Follow STING to Bhutan Itinerary 8 nights 9 days itinerary remains very special and Trade Mark of our Company, Bhutan Majestic Travel as no other tour company in Bhutan could bring such a popular and renown Celebrity to experience the Last Shangri-La, Bhutan.

We are very fortunate and lucky enough to host the entire Family for their Holiday Stay in Bhutan with us. Follow STING to Bhutan Itinerary 8 nights 9 days journey started by Private Chartered Flight from Bangkok and local sightseeing by SUV and in country travels were all by chartered Chopper.

Our Company Founder Mr. Namgay Dorji went all the way to receive them at Bangkok.  Follow STING to Bhutan Itinerary 8 nights 9 days is one of our Signature Tours and we organize one tour in a month because of the demand from our guests and had been running super successfully.

If you wish to follow this itinerary then you can catch Drukair, Royal Bhutan Airlines, National Flag Carrier flight from Bangkok, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Kolkata, Dhaka & Singapore.


Tour Facts

Duration: 8 Nights 9 Days Level: Challenging Attractions:  Cultural Sightseeing with Hike to Famous Tiger’s Nest or Taktsang Altitude: Western Bhutan 1300 – 2200m. Central Bhutan: 2500m Mountain Pass: Dochula Pass, Pelela Pass & Yotongla Pass 3150m – 3450m. Season: All Round The Year  

Day Trip Schedule
Day 1 Arrive Paro. Transfer to Thimphu Hotel
Day 2 Thimphu Sightseeing Hotel
Day 3 Thimphu to Punakha Hotel
Day 4 Punakha to Bumthang Hotel
Day 5 Bumthang Sightseeing Hotel
Day 6 Bumthang to Wangdue Hotel
Day 7 Wangdue to Paro Hotel
Day 8 Hike to Taktsang Hotel
Day 9 Depart Bhutan
Travel during Off Season: Jan – Feb – Jun – Jul – Aug – Dec   Single Traveller – Free Independent Traveller (FIT): $ 1800 Couple or Two Person Traveler – Free Independent Traveler (FIT): $ 1720 per person Group of 3 & More: $ 1480 per person Travel during Peak Season: Mar – Apr – May – Sept – Oct – Nov Single Traveler – Free Independent Traveller (FIT): $ 2160 Couple or Two Person – Free Independent Traveller (FIT): $ 2080 per person Group of 3 or More: $ 1840 The Above Price includes following services;
  • Bhutan Visa
  • All Permits – Museum Fees
  • Standard Room in 3 Star Hotels – Upgrade to 4 & 5 Star can be arranged on Additional Cost.
  • Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner with Evening Tea
  • Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) Licensed Professional Driver
  • SUV for FIT & Toyota Van from 3 – 8 Pax & Toyota Coaster Coach from 8 – 20 Pax
  • Decade old TCB Licensed Tour Guide
  • All Sightseeing with Walks and Hikes
  • Bottled Mineral Water
Service Not Included in the above cost:
  • Round Trip Air Tickets
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Alcohol & Beverages
  • Entertainment Cost – Pub & Nightclubs
  • Tips for Tour Guide, Driver and Hotel Staffs
  • Donations to Monasteries and Temples
  • Payment Wiring Fee of USD 50

REQUEST FOR DETAILED ITINERARY Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, CBE (born October 2, 1951), universally known by his stage name Sting, is a Grammy Award-winning English musician from Wall send in Newcastle upon Tyne. Prior to starting his solo career, he was the principal songwriter; lead singer and bass player of the rock band The Police. As a solo musician and member of The Police, Sting has sold over 105 million records, and received over sixteen Grammy Awards for his work. Origin of nickname Sting has stated that he gained his nickname while with the Phoenix Jazzmen. He once performed wearing a black and yellow sweater with hooped stripes that bandleader Gordon Solomon had noted made him look like a bumblebee; thus Sumner became “Sting.” He uses Sting almost exclusively, except on official documents. In a press conference filmed in the movie Bring on the Night, he jokingly stated when referred to by a journalist as Gordon, “My children call me Sting, my mother calls me Sting, who is this Gordon character?” Sting Bhutan Experience; Sting with wife Trudie and son Giacomo Luke were on a private holiday trip to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan with us, Bhutan Majestic Travel.  In 9 days tour they visited Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha in Western and Trongsa and Bumthang in Central Bhutan. They were accompanied and guided through the tour by Namgay Dorji, Founder and Managing Director of Bhutan Majestic Travel. Both Sting and Sager Family enjoyed their private holiday trip to Bhutan enormously. They mentioned that they would surely come back again with their family members and friends. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of Bhutan and the Himalayas they visited the 17th Century Dzong’s (Fortress), Museums, Ancient Monasteries and the highlight of the trip was the hike to Taktsang “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery and the friendly Archery match played both in Paro and Punakha with the locals, using the traditional bamboo bows and arrows. They were truly impressed by the quality of service and hospitality provided by Bhutan Majestic Travel and Namgay Dorji, and have no hesitation in recommending any other visitors to visit Bhutan through Bhutan Majestic Travel. Sting Family had built a strong bond of everlasting friendship and belonging with Namgay Dorji and Bhutan Majestic Travel and in deep contact even today.